We think like investors.
Every decision is results driven and we actively manage assets.
Non-op doesn’t mean inactive. Too many people think of non-op as being a purely passive financial investor. The difference with us is that choosing to participate in a well is just the first step. Beyond that is a conscious effort to learn from our unique position to maximize returns for our investors.
Mike Sabol, Chief Reporting Officer
Our investors entrust us with their money and we want to give them back that amount plus more.  Underlying every decision we make to acquire a new asset or participate in a new well is this fundamental question — will this decision help us accomplish that goal?
Dane Roybal, Senior Financial Analyst
Data and technology driven.
The world is data driven now. Data is the single source of truth. You wouldn’t want your bank to be sorta-truth or sorta-real-time. You want it to be accurate and real time. The same can be said of our assets. We answer a lot of questions with data if we just get it all in the right place and begin modeling.
Amanda Bailey, Chief Technology Officer
We have access to not just how one operator looks at a particular area. We have access to many different operators and how they look at a given basin. So instead of looking through one lens, we look through multiple lenses when analyzing data and making decisions.”
Shanna Ash, Chief Engineer
Continuous forensic analysis.
Every well we own is unique and everything about that well is scrutinized and needs to be understood so that we can be sure that asset is optimized. We view each well as a “kid in the class” and we are responsible for the performance of each and every kid.
Brian Southern, Director of Finance
For Vitesse, due diligence doesn’t end on the defect notice date, it’s just the beginning. After closing, the land, accounting and legal teams begin fly-specking each well, lease and material contract to ensure Vitesse receives maximum value from the acquisition.
Gina Matero, General Counsel
Deep industry relationships.
Rather than just having a relationship with the operator, we strive to have direct relationships with each party in the chain of ownership — the operator, the non-op competitor and the mineral owner. This is different from other companies in that we do it all in-house.
Matt Olson, Manager of Acquisitions and Divestitures
What matters is establishing trust and rapport with your operators. That’s not easy. It takes years of showing up when needed, being constructive, keeping your word, and not re-trading the deal. It’s evaluating deals quickly, always closing, sending money when it is due, and not being a pain of a partner.
Ali Kouros, Capital Formation & Corporate Development
Integrated culture drives multi-disciplinary decision making.
We don’t have a top-down hierarchy where the guy at the bottom doesn’t know the broader goal to understand what he’s doing or why. At Vitesse, not only do we get insight into why we are doing what we are doing, we are asked for our opinion and if we are thinking about the issue the right way.
Ben Messier, Capital Formation & Corporate Development
At Vitesse, we are not run by just a few individuals. We are truly a team and we all need to understand the economics behind the decision-making that goes on. Each person has a voice in the decisions that lead us closer to achieving the overarching mission of the company.
Adam Cree, Engineer
Comprehensive financial reporting.
We are a private company, but we report like a public company, so our financial reporting is impeccable. Our accounting and reporting data is continually reviewed across all departments and nothing is lost in the weeds.
David Macosko, CFO
Attention to detail is our strength. We process 6,000+ wells each month, which generate 100,000+ lines of detail in expense and revenue. It’s easy to get lost. But we’ve developed procedures to quickly isolate a problem, analyze it and figure out what we need to do to solve it.
Mike Morella, Chief Accounting Officer