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Bob Gerrity, Partner

Bob Gerrity is the CEO of Vitesse and directs strategy, spending and acquisitions. Vitesse found its roots in the Bakken when Bob invested his own capital to purchase non-operated working interest acreage in 2010. Bob has individually participated in over 200 gross wells to date.

Bob got his start in the oil industry in 1982 by purchasing an interest in four newly drilled Codell wells in the Wattenberg Field of Colorado. He established Gerrity Oil and Gas Corporation (Gerrity Oil) as a low cost operator that provided economic performance in a depressed price environment. This attracted institutional investors from 1982 to 1990. Gerrity Oil went public in 1990.

In the early 90s, Gerrity Oil was one of the most active operators in the country, running 19 rigs in the Wattenberg Field.  The company merged with Snyder Oil’s Wattenberg assets in 1996 to form Patina Oil & Gas Corporation (Patina), which was eventually merged into Noble Resources. Gerrity Oil’s core properties represent a meaningful part of Noble’s current activities in the Wattenberg. Bob and his wife enjoy hiking, surfing, golfing and reading.

Brian Cree, Partner

Brian is the President and Chief Financial Officer of Vitesse and is responsible for the financial, administrative and corporate/legal aspects of the Company. He has been involved in the oil and gas industry for over 25 years since receiving his B.A. in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa and beginning his career at Deloitte.  In 1987, Brian joined the predecessor of Gerrity Oil and worked closely with Bob for almost 9 years to grow and eventually merge the company with Patina.  While at Gerrity Oil, he held various financial and operational roles including CFO, SVP of Operations and COO, and also served as a Director on its Board.

Brian continued with Patina in similar roles (COO, Executive Vice President and Board member) until 1999, at which time he decided to try other industries and spent close to 8 years as the CFO and/or COO at companies focused on oil and gas software and the creation of a molecular memory technology.  Wanting to get back into the oil and gas business, but also leverage his experience outside of the industry, Brian joined Luca Technologies Inc. in 2007 as its CFO and added the COO title in 2010.

During his career, Brian has raised close to $1 billion in public and private financings and has closed a significant number of transactions related to the acquisition and divestiture of assets.  He also served as Vice Chairman of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, a position appointed by the Governor, from 1999 through 2007. Brian has a wife and three kids and enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing, and attending the Rockies Fantasy Baseball Camp.